The Seahealth Chemicals Database

Welcome to the Seahealth Chemicals Database.

Seahealth's chemicals database contains more than 4500 products that Danish shipowners have reported as in use on their vessels. Data on the products is made available to vessels in our Health & Safety at Sea program which is used by the majority of Danish merchant vessels.

There are three different types of user in the database:

Company administrator - updates the products the company uses (whitelist) and creates new products so as to share data on them with other company vessels. Administrators also have access to all safety data sheets (SDS) and exposure scenarios (ES)

Company users can get details of the company's whitelist and view the associated safety data sheet (SDS) and exposure scenarios (ES)

Manufacturer / supplier can update SDSs for the products that companies have set up in the database.

If you have not yet received a user ID and password, click here to sign up to the Seahealth Chemicals Database.

The chemicals database is developed with support from The Danish Maritime Fund and the Orient's Fund.